Wednesday, 5 May 2021

How To Write BUG REPORT In Software Testing | Manual Testing | Real website demo

Writing a good and actionable bug report is one of the most important skills for the tester.


How it helps developers exactly:

·      tells about issues that they ain’t aware of

·      helps determine new features that they may not have thought of

·      helps get a feel as to how their customers use the software, so they can make it better.

So what should an ideal bug report look like? While there might be small variations depending on the type of application, it narrows down to a few important attributes:


·      BugCaseId

·      Priority

·      Description/Bug Summary

·      Pre-requisites

·      Bug Steps

·      Expected Result

·      Actual Result

·      Status

·      BugTest Executed By

·      Browser/Device

In this video I have touched all the important aspect of writing a good and concise bug report.

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