Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Appium: Tap gesture using Touch Action Class

Appium: Tap gesture using Touch Action Class

While the Selenium WebDriver spec has support for certain kinds of mobile interaction, its parameters are not always easily mappable to the functionality that the underlying device automation (like UIAutomation in the case of iOS) provides. To that end, Appium implements the new TouchAction / MultiAction API defined in the newest version of the spec (https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webdriver/raw-file/tip/webdriver-spec.html#multiactions-1). Note that this is different from the earlier version of the TouchAction API in the original JSON Wire Protocol. These APIs allow you to build up arbitrary gestures with multiple actuators. Please see the Appium client docs for your language in order to find examples of using this API. Note for W3C actions W3C actions is also available in some drivers such as XCUITest, UIA2, Espresso and Windows. W3C actions are implemented to the best of the limitations of the operating systems' test frameworks. e.g. WDA cannot handle zero wait PR. API doc and API docs of each client help to understand how to call them. An Overview of the TouchAction / MultiAction API TouchAction TouchAction objects contain a chain of events. In all the appium client libraries, touch objects are created and are given a chain of events. The available events from the spec are: * press * release * moveTo * tap * wait * longPress * cancel * perform

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